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Best Agency Service in 4 Years in Bangkok

Best Agency Service in 4 Years in Bangkok

"Finding a great condo in Bangkok can be tough! Khun Mod and Nick have solved this problem.

I run an international business and my girlfriend is a senior lawyer - so we are both very busy people with specific requirements. This is the 4th apartment I have rented in Bangkok and it is not only the best one so far, it was the easiest to get. Bangkok Condos Real Estate Agency has an intimate knowledge of Thonglor, what’s available, and what will become available. This combined with how responsive Khun Mod and Nick are made the process of finding somewhere quick and easy.

The amount of inventory they had enabled them to cater appointments to meet our fussy needs. Such a relief, given most operators go for the scatter-gun approach, and end up wasting days on end seeing properties that are clearly not suitable.

We got a knock-out deal. I like to negotiate and so does Nick. Best of all, we delivered a fair result to both us as tenants and our landlord. Everyone won.

The other thing that really stood out is the after-sales support. Nick has a genuine interest in understanding how each of the properties work and no matter how bad I felt for bothering him about things like internet, electricity, car parking etc Nick was always there and happy to help.

They are great at what they do and genuinely nice people. I never write reviews but am more than happy to provide this one."