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My Experience With Bangkok Condos Was First Rate

My Experience With Bangkok Condos Was First Rate

"In the past 6 years, I've been fortunate enough to live and work in 8 different countries. Ranging from the United States to Europe, along with several countries throughout Asia, I've learned quite a bit in regards to the challenges of finding suitable housing in a foreign country. Oftentimes, the experience is entirely defined by the agent one is working with. A knowledgeable and hard working agent can make all the difference.

My experience with Nick and Khun Mod was first rate. Their attention to detail and devotion to customer service was second to none, and their knowledge of the rental market in Bangkok was incredible. Thanks to their assistance I was able to find the perfect property, and they even went as far as to help obtain moving, wallpaper and painting services. Unlike other agents I've worked with in the past, Nick and Khun Mod kept in touch long after the lease was signed and made sure that everything went smoothly during the move.

I strongly recommend Nick and Khun Mod when looking for a property in Bangkok, Thailand."

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